Ryder Cup Gala Concert 2014

Although often seen as a company focused on touring, Skan is also adept at complex one-off events. Drawing on Skan’s varied experience in disciplines such as arena speaker design, corporate events, orchestral shows, festivals and radio frequency management, this show had it all!

The Ryder Cup Gala Concert was held in Glasgow SSE Hydro on September 24th to introduce the two Ryder Cup teams before the competition. The evening included performances from Midge Ure, Texas, Nile Rodgers, Jake Bugg, Amy MacDonald and many more. Backing was provided by a band led by musical director, Mike Stevens and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. See http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04j93fx

Skan was asked by Chris Vaughan at The Production Office to handle all aspects of the audio for this event. Matt Vickers was Skan’s account handler and also travelled to Glasgow as the crew chief.

Our sincere thanks go to engineers Gary Bradshaw (FOH), Steve Lutley (monitors), Dan Kent (monitors #2), Martyn Ward (orchestra) plus Chris Vaughan, Zoe Buttling, Cally Harris and all the team at TPO.

Thanks also to a cracking Skan team: Tom Tunney (technology), Liam Tucker (RF), Tony Smith (FOH #2), Onno Ooms (FOH minder), Glen Fuller (monitor minder), Craig Bruce (orchestra) and Ben Sliwinski (wingman).

Rehearsals started at Cato Music on September 15th directly after the load-out from Jeff Lynne’s ELO at Hyde Park. After five days, the crew and band moved up to the SECC to continue rehearsing with the addition of the orchestra. Following this, we had one full rehearsal day in the Hydro before the show itself.

With over two hundred channels in use, we used five DiGiCo consoles (two SD7s, two SD10s & one SD5) plus a PROFILE for the orchestra sub-mix. Inputs included over forty DPA4099s for the orchestra and twenty Sennheiser radio mics (SKM5200 handhelds and SKM5212 body-packs).

Monitoring included d&b M2 and M4 wedges plus around one-hundred and fifty Sennheiser EK2000-IEM packs with twenty transmitters. In total, Skan coordinated sixty-six radio frequencies.

FOH reinforcement consisted of seventy-two d&b J (mains, sides & 270s) with twenty J-SUBs (flown & pit) all powered by d&b D80s. With OCA implemented, the D80 has become the amplifier of choice for Skan’s d&b inventory. The drive system included Lake LM44s with Teqsas Cybertec devices linked by fibre to provide a Dante/ OCA backbone.

Thanks to everyone involved for creating such a fantastic event.