Relentless Live 2014

At the request of Biffy Clyro’s production manager, Paddy Hocken, Skan were invited to tender for the recent Relentless Live event by Tom Sabin of Vision Nine HQ.

Held at London Troxy on Saturday, November 22nd, the event was energetic & very loud! Headline act, Biffy Clyro, were joined on stage by several other bands and DJs including Zane Lowe.

The control system for Biffy Clyro was provided by Skan – on this occasion, the red-system. This being one of three duplicate control systems Skan has provided for the band to offer consistent service across the globe.

Normally based on a Midas Pro2 at both ends, FOH engineer Jonny Lucas was using a Pro9 to provide sufficient AES50 ports to connect a Waves system and a Reaper multi-track recorder, both of which were hosted on MacBook Pros. The Waves set-up has replaced a rack of outboard. The Reaper set-up has replaced a ProTools system offering a substantial saving in size, weight and cost.

Monitor engineer, Dan Speed, used his standard set-up of Pro2 with Sennheiser G3-IEMs and d&b D80 powered M2s.┬áDan mixes Biffy’s monitors stage-right so stage-left was clear for guest monitors.

To cater for the rest of the acts, Skan provided a duplicate control package with a Midas Pro2 at each end with further G3-IEMs, D80s and M2s.

FOH reinforcement was all d&b with eight V8 and four V12 flown per side with a pit arc of six J-SUB and four J-INFRA plus Q7 and Y10 fills all powered by D80s.

Due to the length of the day, Skan used a split crew with a team working from load-in to doors and a second team working from lunchtime to the end of load-out. The early team was Tom Tunney (FOH) and Richie Gough (monitors). The late team was Ben Sliwinski (FOH) and Onno Ooms (monitors). In addition, Skan provided Joachim Dewulf as system tech.for Biffy Clyro.

Event production manager, Tom Sabin commented: “Just a note to say thanks to you and all the Skan crew on the show tonight. Would be a pleasure to work with any of you again”.┬áSincere thanks to Paddy Hocken, Tom Sabin, Jonny Lucas, Dan Speed and all the Skan crew.