We do great work with some lovely people and we’ll try to give you some in depth stories from time to time on the following pages.


Cracking start to 2014

Following a record-breaking year in 2013, Skan has started 2014 in the same style.

Continuing the tour started in 2012, Biffy Clyro have two control systems from Skan, one in Australia and the other in the USA which then travels to South Africa. The band continue with shows until July.

Elbow are currently rehearsing with a Skan system prior to their April tour of UK arenas. Lily Allen has also been rehearsing at John Henry’s with a Skan control system.

We have just completed a week with David Gray including three fantastic shows at the Emmanual Centre in London. Editors are about to embark on some more European shows following on from a successful seven months in 2013.

Foals, who are about a year into their current tour, are part way through their UK leg before heading off to Asia, the USA and back to Europe for festival season.

Muse conclude their current world tour in April with shows in Sao Paolo and at Coachella.

James Blunt’s European arena tour starts in a couple of weeks with the control package continuing into a couple of months of festival touring.


Queens of the Stone Age – Like Clockwork

In a dream come true for director, Chris Fitch, Queens of the Stone Age used Skan for their European audio needs in 2013.

Having previously worked with Skan on tours with REM and Jack White, production manager, Bill Rahmy, was happy to work with us once again. Engaging the best possible audio vendor was particularly important to Bill as QOTSA made a significant step forward with the release of Like Clockwork and have been playing to larger audiences across Europe. The shows did not disappoint!

FOH engineer Hutch, a long time Heritage 3000 user, toured an Avid Profile with minimal outboard. Assisting him every step of the way was system technician, Philip Reynolds.

Monitor engineer, Shaun Sebastian, used a DiGiCo SD7 with Shure PSM1000 IEM systems, L-Acoustics ARCS side-fills and d&b M2 wedges.

FOH reinforcement was a d&b J system with 72 J8/J12 for main and side-hangs; 12 J-SUBs flown behind the main arrays and a mixed pit-array of 8 J-SUBs and 10 J-INFRAs. The system is quick to deploy and truck smart offering a system practical for back-to-back touring without compromising quality or impact. A Skan J system of this size and design can typically be installed in under two hours by two crew and loaded out in around an hour.

Skan crew through various phases of the tour included Natalie Baker, Tom Tunney, Tony Smith, Onno Ooms & Richie Gough.


Midas Innovation Award

Skan was presented with the Midas Innovation Award at the 2013  Midas/KT International Distributor meeting and the award ceremony.

This is an annual event, timed to coincide with PLASA, and attendees were from all over the globe.

Shawn Watts, VP Sales, Music Group Professional Division presented the award which was received by Rob Hughes on behalf of Skan.

Mick Brophy, Manager, Customer Support, Professional Division commented: the award was given for the innovative way SKAN combined traditional Midas analogue with Midas digital consoles and all the black magic with Midi-Events to give time tracking on the Muse 2nd Law tour and to create such a great sound.

Skan stocks over twenty Midas consoles including three XL4s, three Heritage 3000s, five Pro9s and ten Pro2/ Pro2C/ Pro1 with DL431 splitters and DL351 and DL451 IO units.

We are grateful to Midas both for their technical support and their recognition of the extra lengths Skan goes to in pushing the envelope.

In addition to the five Midas consoles used on the current Muse tour (see previous post), we have ongoing tours with both Biffy Clyro and Foals who are also using Midas at each end of the snake. Biffy Clyro currently have two systems, one in Australia with two Pro2s and a lighter fly-package in the USA then South Africa with two Pro2Cs (FOH – Jonny Lucas. Monitors – Dan Speed). Foals are currently in the UK with a Pro9 at FOH (Nigel Pepper) and Pro2 on monitors (Steve Murray).


Muse “The 2nd Law” world tour 2012-14

Starting in August 2012 and still going, Muse have played over 120 shows around the globe. These have spanned intimate venues such as London’s Roundhouse, through iconic arenas such as LA’s Staples Centre (two nights), NY’s Madison Square Garden (two nights) and Mexico City’s Palacio de los Deportes (four nights) to stadiums such as Paris Stade de France (two nights) and Rome Stadio Olimpico.

Throughout the tour, Skan has been the exclusive world-wide supplier of a complex control system and 360-degree coverage reinforcement system.

Control included a Midas XL4 and Pro2C at FOH with a wide range of outboard and a 72-channel, 96KHz ProTools system.

The monitor console was a Midas Pro9 used to its full potential of eighty-eight inputs and all available IO for extensive outboard, Sennheiser 2000-IEMs and multitrack recording to a JoeCo BBR-MADI.

Skan’s Liam tucker has been the crew chief, monitor minder and RF tech. throughout the tour working with Muse monitor engineer, Adam Taylor. At the other end of the multicore, Eddie O’Brien has looked after the peerless Marc Carolan.

System design in the pre-production phase was handled by Skan’s Matt Vickers with on-the-road design handled by Tom Tunney, Tony Smith and Marty Harrison.

Our sincere thanks go to Muse for their support over the last decade and four album cycles.


Sigur Ros 2012-2013

Spanning July 2012 to December 2013, Sigur Ros have had a busy schedule being supplied by Skan throughout the world with the exception of North America where our friends at Firehouse were contracted.

Front of house engineer Jelle Kuiper has been working with Sigur Ros for many years and we have had the pleasure working with him on various projects since 1992. His choice of console is the Avid D-show with various plug-ins and only supplementing it with a Roland Space Echo.

Mixing the bands monitors is Skan’s very own J Summers.  J changed role from monitor minder when the previous engineer, Sarne Thorogood, had to leave the tour. The Monitor system consists of a 96 channel Avid Profile system with Sennheiser G3 IEMs in three frequency ranges to provide maximum spectrum flexibility world wide.  A few members of the band also use d&b M4 wedges run on the new D80 4-channel amplifier.

Over the past few weeks, a d&b J series reinforcement system was supplied powered also by twenty-four D80 amplifiers. We are very happy with the performance and power saving that these amplifiers provide.

The current Skan crew are Tom Tunney – Crew Chief/ system designer; Julien Helme/ Nick Stagg – Monitor minding; and Nick Jackson – Wing Man


D80 Put through its paces

Skan has added thirty-six d&b D80s to rental stock.

They are currently driving M2s on Biffy Clyro, M4s for The National and M4s plus the entire FOH reinforcement system on Sigur Ros (see separate post).

The new form-factor (four channels in 2u) has allowed a 50% reduction in the size of amp racks. The new amplifier also has enhanced communications via the OCA protocol, an improved power-supply and does away with the sense-drive from previous models allowing for more efficient use of Socapex cabling (four active circuits per Socapex rather than three).

All connections the the D80s are made through a custom, 3u modular box able to accept four modules. As standard, this will include one signal/ data module; one power distribution module; and one or two speaker connection modules depending on the application. The system was designed by Skan’s Matt Vickers and fabricated by our colleagues at SES, VDC and Holt Broadcast.

Although Skan has made custom panels for the D80s, everything remains 100% compatible with d&b wiring standards so cross-rental is still possible.

More info at d80.info