Muse “The 2nd Law” world tour 2012-14

Starting in August 2012 and still going, Muse have played over 120 shows around the globe. These have spanned intimate venues such as London’s Roundhouse, through iconic arenas such as LA’s Staples Centre (two nights), NY’s Madison Square Garden (two nights) and Mexico City’s Palacio de los Deportes (four nights) to stadiums such as Paris Stade de France (two nights) and Rome Stadio Olimpico.

Throughout the tour, Skan has been the exclusive world-wide supplier of a complex control system and 360-degree coverage reinforcement system.

Control included a Midas XL4 and Pro2C at FOH with a wide range of outboard and a 72-channel, 96KHz ProTools system.

The monitor console was a Midas Pro9 used to its full potential of eighty-eight inputs and all available IO for extensive outboard, Sennheiser 2000-IEMs and multitrack recording to a JoeCo BBR-MADI.

Skan’s Liam tucker has been the crew chief, monitor minder and RF tech. throughout the tour working with Muse monitor engineer, Adam Taylor. At the other end of the multicore, Eddie O’Brien has looked after the peerless Marc Carolan.

System design in the pre-production phase was handled by Skan’s Matt Vickers with on-the-road design handled by Tom Tunney, Tony Smith and Marty Harrison.

Our sincere thanks go to Muse for their support over the last decade and four album cycles.