In common with most successful organisations, Skan recognises that we would be nothing without the dedication and skills of our staff. We have a small but talented team, all fully engaged in the business of supporting the work we do around the globe.
To reach our staff via email, addresses are in the format [“Name”] [at]

Chris Fitch


Deals with operations and handles touring accounts

Email: “chris”

Abby Llewellyn


Deals with the grown-up stuff like money, legals and so forth

Email: “abby”

Matt Vickers

Senior designer

Loves speakers, fast cars and slow VW buses

Email: “matt”

Nick Stagg

Inventory manager

Tracks and plans the locations of Skan inventory

Email: “nicks”

Ewelina Cox

Administrative support

Provides support to the management team


Tom Tunney

Technology specialist

Has an affinity with ones and naughts.
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Email: “tom”

Mark Ellis-Cope

Account handler

Adding strength to the operations and touring departments

Email: “marke”

Scott Essen

Touring system tech

Experienced system technician and crew chief

Email: “scott”

Liam Tucker

Touring system tech

Experienced crew chief

Email: “liamt”

Terry Essen

Service manager

Coordinates equipment servicing and much more

Email: “terrye”

Alvin Russ


Joined Skan in 2013

Email: “alvinr”

Dan Parkinson


Joined Skan in 2013. Never seen Star Wars!

Email: “service”

Terry "H" Kruger


A welcome return to Skan.

Email: “service”

Skan is based in Newbury in the south of England. Roughly 50 miles west of London, we are conveniently placed for touring throughout the UK, Europe and beyond with ready access to the road network, sea-ports and London Heathrow airport.

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